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Elizabeth Elliott

Close up of intricate silver stitching by MA Fashion student Elizabeth Elliott
White sheer fabric by MA Fashion student Elizabeth Elliott
Sheer white fabric, by MA Fashion student Elizabeth Elliott

I am an aspiring Couturier – Specializing in developing historical stitching methods into contemporary techniques and designs.

I have spent the past few years before coming to the MA studying historical fashion as I have felt a strong connection in my work to historical fashion. I have developed this drive into a fashion design practice that focuses on twisting history and transforming old techniques. While I appreciate historical techniques in their traditional form, I am curious about different ways of reflecting, distorting and deforming the methods to develop and evolve into hybrid techniques for the modern Couture fashion industry. I have done this by studying the origins and the process of an established technique and putting it through rigorous tests and processes to extract what features make up the original technique and how to persuade it to evolve further. My practise focuses on tailoring my designs for the current modern era of clashing ages, cultures and traditions.

The two years of my MA have resulted in my MA collection which has taken the traditional smocking stitch and put it through the transformative experimentation to observe the results and test their compatibility with the current fashion industry.  This has pushed the old technique to evolve into a flexible modern technique that can be used for different fabrics and garments suitable for contemporary fashion design.

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