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Stefania Vazsonyi

Exhibition board curated by MA Curation student Livia Vazsonyi
5 Images exhibited on a wall in a gallery
Anteros Art Gallery on Magdalene Street in Norwich
6 images curated on a wall by MA Curation student Livia Vazsonyi
Images curated on a wall in Anteros Art Foundation
Art work and plinth in Anteros Art Foundation
Multiple images over the walls exhibited in Anteros Art Foundation

I come from a traditional art history background, specialising in medieval art and artefacts. During my Masters’ degree my aim was to explore novel methods of digital interpretation such as virtual reality, as well as presenting digital art forms in a gallery environment.

My Masters Project exhibition, Pixels and Polygons, focuses on video games and their highly debated place in the art world. Since the 1980s, these games have become one of the most important and popular parts of the entertainment industry. Some museums put on exhibitions of their history, highlighting the most influential pieces in the field, but not engaging with the scholarly dispute whether games should be considered an art form.

Pixels and Polygons is filling this gap in the industry and showcasing the artistic skills involved in game design, while also educating visitors on the process. The exhibition celebrates the achievements of fifteen current NUA Games Art and Design students as well as a published title that an ex-student worked on, I am Bread by Bossa Studios. Through using prints of the digital works and displaying them in the established gallery at Anteros Arts Foundation, Pixels and Polygons aims to assert the status of video games as a collection of art forms.


Lizzie Starling