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Rachel Donald

Still by Rachel Donald, MA Communication Design student showing dinosaur
Still by Rachel Donald, MA Communication Design student showing dinosaur

What are the limitations of digital culture in a museum environment? I am interested in the relationship between museums and artists. How the natural history collections on display have inspired artists and how artists collaborate with museums to bring the collections alive. The tidal wave of digital technologies has presented exiting and new creative possibilities for artists and museums to create innovative displays for the public. The use of virtual and augmented reality devices allow museums to share the collections online and for virtual tours. As an artist curator one of my concerns is about how digital technology is installed as part of a display and the impact it can have on the museum environment and visitors.

My current research is focussed on how digital technology can be imaginatively integrated to enhance the visitor experience without it imposing on the traditional museum environment or material collections. I am exploring the use of 3D hollographic hollograms and projected moving images as a way of adding digital interest and learning into a display. Concerns about the effects of digital culture on our wellbeing have inspired my latest project GEOLOGY CABINET which explores the use of digital culture as a tool for inviting the audience on an outdoor art expedition, experience the urban historic outdoors whilst also learning about art, natural science and experience digital technology.

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