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Lucia Schmid

A path in between two grassy patches, MA Curation work by Lucia Schmid
A wall with a shadow on, MA Curation work by Lucia Schmid
Leaves on a head, MA Curation work by Lucia Schmid


I enjoy initiating unusual creative projects, curating art in atmospheric places and hope to open a gallery space – to be called Pony Ranch – as a base for my work in the near-ish future.

My aim when curating is to promote engagement and encourage creativity in general, introducing new audiences to contemporary art along the way. I view my work with artists as a process of collaboration, where I try to offer valuable chances as well as building long-lasting connections. I am especially interested in backing artists from non-fine art creative scenes and encouraging those with a craft or design background to develop their work beyond the commercial.

During my studies I have been drawn to the landscape in the widest sense. Viewing it through folklore and storytelling that is open to the imaginary and mystical. But equally including the tangible, possibly scientifically proven and physical experience such as walking the land. Highlighting the overlooked in our everyday lives and environment has become of importance to me too in this process.

Following my time at NUA, I will be looking for worldwide opportunities as a resident curator. Searching for those rare but exciting initiatives that welcome families with children. This might also be a starting point to develop an inclusive residency programme myself one day.

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