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Steve Appleton

Billy Harrisson orange book cover by Steve Appleton
It's Me I'm Here book cover by MA Communication Design student Steve Appleton
Love and Loss and Love Again book cover by Steve Appleton
Simple complex compound book cover by MA Communication Design student Steve Appleton
Tour de Prints book cover by Steve Appleton showing two figures on bikes
Transition book cover by Steve Appleton, MA Communication Design student

TRANSITION – a movement from one state to the next

My latest body of work has revolved around the idea of transition.

The sharp, personal focus has been the process of caring for and of losing my father Vic, whilst at the same time becoming a grandfather and welcoming baby Olive into my life. More generally, I have been examining the subjective nature of memory and ways that we create and share stories to make sense of our histories.

My intention over my time at Norwich University of the Arts has been to integrate the various strands of my practice – including image-making, film, narrative and music composition and performance. Throughout, I have been questioning and testing the ability of each to support or subvert the meaning of the other.

This final work is created on a single piece of paper which holds a series of pencil and watercolour drawings. The images depict significant moments from four generations of my family. Each successive drawing is informed by and holds the echos of the previous images. These drawings are shown existing and developing in time through the use of film, and the individual characters are interpreted and enhanced through the improvised, live soundtrack.

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