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Communication Design students

Qian Sun

MA Communication Design student work by Qian San

As an illustrator and designer, I am interested in the power of portraiture to present an emotional and professional image of a person.

I am passionate about exploring individualistic identities. This is because, I see that for me, our lives are influenced by different people, whether artists, celebrities or those who are closely related to us. They enrich our souls, nourish our hearts, and can even shape our own personality. Therefore, my MA project explores this idea through a series of personal portraits of people who have deeply influenced me. The portraits in my collection are based on the idea that we all have different intelligences and ideology through my series of illustrated portraits I wanted to explore whether these different aspects of a person’s “uniqueness “can be captured through illustration.

My belief is that good portraiture should contain a balance of legibility, harmony and beauty. The portraits I have produced often include calligraphic forms and colour transformation that emphasise the essence and unique characteristics of each subject.

Lizzie Starling