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Paige Selby-Green

Yellow inside of a book cover by Paige Selby Green, MA Communication Design student.
Inside a book by Paige Selby Green
Book cover by MA Communication Design student with a pink triangle and font by Paige Selby Green

We’ve Always Been Queer

I know my history. I know about ancient lesbian poets, about gay Nazi-fighting codebreakers. I know that the first Pride was a riot, and that my rights were won, not given, and that I owe those rights to homeless transgender drag queens living in New York. Knowledge is an umbrella under which I can protect myself from hatred and the ignorance of those who would try to convince me of my deviancy. It’s an umbrella that I had to go out and find for myself, because they sure as heck don’t stock them in schools.

Or sometimes the umbrella is a metaphor, and really, you’re talking about a book. We’ve Always Been Queer collects nineteen illustrated profiles alongside historical information (and maybe a whisker of salty commentary) on queer history from the ancient Greeks to the present day.

Development was inspired by Jason Porath’s Rejected Princesses and Rachel Ignotofsky’s Women in Science, informed by countless biographies and biopics and books on queer theory, and refined using test readers from every letter of the LGBTQIAAPP alphabet soup.

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