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Communication Design students

Maylott Robinson

My work is a virtual reality experience that explores notions of scale and space, through virtual environments that would be impossible to create in a piece of physical work. As such, the participant is placed in historical and hypothetical spaces constructed to share the history of Ernest Rutherford’s ‘splitting of the atom’. The user is first situated in a room that sets the scene of Rutherford’s work, contextualising his experiments and the timeline of his discoveries. The proportions of the environment then shift, allowing the participant to be transported to an alien space in which Rutherford’s discovery is presented on a seemingly impossible scale. The aim of this piece is to juxtapose the familiar with the vast and the educational with the ineffable in the most immersive way possible. In doing so, I see the outcome as a modernisation of the infographic format in which the audience is presented with an overview of the subject matter as an active participant.

Lizzie Starling