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Katie Speed

MA Communication Design by Katie Speed work showing a woman on the front of a magazine overlaid with the words FEM power
MA Communication Design work by Katie Speed showing an illustration of a girl in a flowery dress shaving her legs
'Stereo Fight' by MA Communication Design student Katie Speed showing a girl with the words 'Show Me'

Throughout my MA studies at Norwich University of the Arts my practice has centred around Feminism. I have become increasingly interested in the subject of gender stereotyping; particularly female stereotyping. 

​I have investigated many Feminist artists in order to inform my practise; including radical artists such as Cindy Sherman (b.1954), Renate Eisenegger (b.1949) and Lydia Schouten (b.1948). Despite many years passing since these artists created some of their most significant pieces, the gender stereotypes they attempted to shatter still remain the same. Although my work is far less radical; I feel Feminist thought and practice still has relevance and significance in today’s society.

As part of my research process, I spoke with and collated information from diverse groups of women, in order to gather their opinions regarding what they believed were the main criteria required to be considered feminine. The data that I gathered was extremely interesting, as it reflected that the majority of the women I interviewed shared similar conceptions of what constitutes the feminine. 

My final piece is a book titled How to Feminine; in which each ‘criteria’, is colourfully illustrated. How to Feminine is a bright, fun, expression of female empowerment; with the hope that we can fight these stereotypes, and together redefine what it means to be feminine.

Lizzie Starling

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