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Evangeline Dauber

Work by Evangeline Dauber from the NUA MA Degree Show showing green knickers with a red heart
Work by MA Communication Design student Evangeline Dauber showing a girl sat in a shirt and high waisted trousers by a pink background/.
Work by MA Communication Design student showing a hand putting up two fingers with red nails in front of a pink backdrop

Throughout my studies at Norwich University of the Arts I have focused my practice on feminism. I have covered areas that address feminist issues such as toxic masculinity, male privilege and body image. I am now beginning to focus my practice down on a subject matter that I deem to be most significant; female empowerment.

I have found a passion within feminism and I am not alone. Have such an incredible family of women across the world all focusing on the same goals inspires me every day. I produce my work in order to raise aware awareness and influence change. I try to tackle subjects that society struggle to accept and talk about in a manner that is visually pleasing. My inspiration comes from many sources, whether it be from social media, fellow illustrators or just every day events. Because of these sources, I believe feminism will never fade.

I have interviewed many women, all unique and all with passionated views on empowerment. Speaking to these women was hugely inspiring. It was emotional and empowering to hear their stories which form the main narrative for the illustrated book I produced for my MA project. Women are strong, we are progressing and we will get what we have longed for. Equality.

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