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Alice Sharpe

Typography saying 'typographic universe' by Alice Sharpe
Typography by Alice Sharpe stating 'absorb' in pink lettering
'Fonts for all' typography by Alice Sharpe
'Fun' typography by Alice Sharpe

I am a graphic designer with a strong interest in editorial layouts. I have a passion for typographic emotions and font personalities and this has been my main focus throughout my MA studies. I create my work by studying the character traits of typefaces, which are often comparable to that of humans. Type is everywhere. We walk past hundreds of fonts a day, each one communicating a different message to our subconscious minds.

With my work I hope to engage a wide audience in a subject area that is often overlooked but yet relevant to all. Existing theory around the topic is often written in formal ways, however, I subvert this tone of voice and invite people to engage on a friendlier level. Thus, promoting the idea that type isn’t just for designers to enjoy and that it has an impact on the lives of everyone.

My current project, “Pointers: A Beginner’s Guide to Typography” is a book that provides an immersive experience into the world of type. It acts as a starting point for people interested in typography. The book presents readers with ideas of how fonts can be used and offers a new approach to interpreting and implementing typographic rules. My design style is fun, friendly, playful and somewhat childlike.

Instagram: @typepointers

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